violet | milwaukee lifestyle photographer

i have been shooting this family from the beginning and i am so grateful to them for continuing to trust me, my work and vision.  they are the type of client that trusts me to let me do my thing (hint: love when clients do that :).  they now have an addition to their family.  congrats john and lindsay.


flawed | wisconsin lifestyle photographer

no one is perfect, right!?  i'm the first to admit i'm not.  here is an image i was shooting of my son.  technically flawed in so many ways, but i think it looks pretty rad.  from the positioning of his hands, the creamy blurring and of course the totally by mistake silhouette outline of his head.  what do you think?  i'm thinking maybe i should post weekly or monthly a bunch of the flawed photos i take.  hmmmm....surely i take a bunch.