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2012 Referral Program

Earn a FREE Session!

Here's the low down:

With a paid session you will receive 25 personalized referral cards that will have 1-3 pictures from your session printed on them.  Pass these cards out to your family, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc... NOW WHAT?!

For each card that is returned to me with a paid session, you will receive $10 off your next session with me!  Confused?  Here is an example:
             You have a photo session with me, when you receive your CD of images     
             you will also receive the referral cards.  You then give one to your best   
             friend, Oprah Winfrey (c'mon you all think she is BFF's with you!).  Oprah  
            then books a session with me and mentions she has a card from you.  I   
            then set up an appointment with Oprah to shoot her, Steadman and
            all of their dogs.  Oprah gives me this card when we meet for her session
            and you just saved $10 off your next photo session with me.   

So now you want to know how long you have to use your credits from your referrals?  You have til 9/30/2013.  So you pretty much have 2 years to use the credits BUT your cards are only redeemable thru 9/30/2012.  So tell Oprah that she better book her session with me before 9/30/2012 in order for it to count!  

There is NO LIMIT as to how many cards you can have redeemed for credit.  

Tell your friends that they will also receive these referral cards after their session with me as well!
Referral cards have no cash value.