mexico | wisconsin photographer

so here are some pictures from our stay in mexico (rivieara maya).

 part of the main pool and one of the swim up bars

 opposite direction from the last pic

 one end of the main pool

 bridge over the main pool

 night shot from our balcony of the "quiet" pool that went around the rooms

dodo the monkey that i wanted to take home

 lifeguard stand at the ocean

 pier on the ocean

 one of the walkways to the beach

 the US version of the squirrel - no joke they were all over, but didn't bother you

 walkway up the the main breakfast dining area

 one of the walkways around the plaza (where the late night activities were)

 another walkway to the beach

the vacation was great!  we did absolutely nothing but lay out in the sun, swim and eat. :)  thanks for stopping by.