snow sculptures racine 2012 | racine, wi photographer

some of you may remember i posted some pictures about a year ago (if not you can see them here) from a local snow sculpting competition.  these artists are amazing at what they do.  this year's weather wasn't as great as last years, especially the day after where the temperature got up to 45 degrees F and I am sure most of the sculptures are melted and dis-configured.  also, for some reason the snow they were given wasn't very clean.  last year it was like pure white.  please note most of the pictures are of unfinished work.  when i shot these, the artists still had a couple hours to work on them.

Sidenote: If you are one of the artist that one of these sculptures belong to and are interested in a digital copy of the image, please contact me at timothyprust at gmail dot com.  (I do have images of most all sculptures, so if you do not see yours, please contact me if you are interested in seeing what I may have of your work)

one of my favorites

a clay replica of what they were sculpting out of snow

 another favorite of mine

working out all the details

and one more of my favorites

 hard at work trying to finish in time

overall there were probably 16+ sculptures all the

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