life lately | wisconsin photographer

just some of life and what i or we have been up to.

we celebrated Ganna (Ethiopian Christmas) on 1/7.

buzz and the toy story clan have been invading our house! (jax LOVES them!)

although side tracked at times, i have for the most part kept up with my workouts since i rededicated myself to getting healthy and in shape....again.  d has also started a workout and seems to like it very much (sorry i don't have a pic of her feet)

this is jaxson loving his bath time.  i take him swimming on fridays and just loves the water.  he is starting a swim class this saturday!

jaxson is growing and growing.  check out those feet!

jax is getting ready to learn all about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, wb and all the other technicalities of photography!

love this little guy, BUT that blue and orange thing is going in the garbage very soon.  i dont see it being a problem for him as he isn't greatly attached to it anyways.  well, that is pretty much what we have been up to, exciting, huh!?

thanks for stopping by.