how do i nominate someone?

you can submit your nominee here

can i nominate more than one person?


i  submitted my nomination and then received an email asking me to subscribe to a list, what is this?

you should hit the "yes, subscribe me to this list", if you would like to receive a voucher for nominating someone.  if you do not subscribe to the list, your email will not appear on my list to send out the gifts at the end of the nomination period.  if after you receive the voucher you would like to unsubscribe, you are certainly welcomed to do so; however, i will be using this list to send out other promotions, announcements and/or updates but i promise not to spam you (no more than 10 emails a year!)

when is the deadline for submitting?

currently taking submissions for our first giveaway and will end 5/31/14.  we will announce via facebook when our next submission deadline is.

who can i nominate?

if you read what our project is about (if not here), and you know someone who fits what this project encompasses, then you can nominate them. 

who will be selecting the person(s) / family?

i along with some of my professional friends and family. (selection panel).

if my nominee is selected, what do they receive?

we are giving away a photo session, which includes digital images from the session along with a small book with photos from the session. 

i nominated someone but i haven't received my discount gift?

all gifts will be emailed out after the deadline for submissions has past.

what if i want to nominate someone but am unsure as to how they will receive this nomination?

if you are unsure if they would be interested in a photo session or how they would feel about you nominating them, i would suggest you discuss it first with them before submitting their name.  as far as the information you provide, this will be confidential between you, the selection panel and the nominee, unless there is discussion otherwise.

when does the photo session take place?

i don't really want to put a expiration on the photo session itself, so this will be discussed with the selected person(s); however, it will does have to take place within the same year of being rewarded.

can i nominate myself?

really?!  lets be SELF-LESS.

if you have any other questions please contact me here