selfless - having or showing great concern for other people and little or no concern for yourself

do you know someone who epitomizes the word selfless?  someone who puts others before themselves.  someone who makes sure others are taken care of before they take care of themselves?  there are so many examples of people doing good - do you know one - i'm sure you can think of a handful.  OR do you know someone who has been going through a really tough time?  there are so many people that could fit this project and i want to hear about them! 

i will be gifting a photo session to the selected selfless person(s)/family/etc...  as well as gifting all who nominate someone, a discount voucher for your next session with me.

i want this project to encompass all.  maybe you are thinking of a mom, a dad, a friend, a co-worker, a child, a family, a neighbor... you get the point?  i really want this project to be open to all types of people with all types of stories and or situations.  ie. you may know someone who gives so much to the community, a super mom, a hardworking teen, etc...OR maybe you know someone who has fell on hard times and could really use a smile. 

so the question isn't...

do you know someone?  (of course you do!) 

but rather.....

who would you nominate!?

once you have answered that question......

head over to our nomination page and fill out the nomination form.  it is really that easy!!

have questions, check out our FAQ